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Things We Miss About Window Shopping

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the practice of social distancing, more people are relying on online shopping. After all, who wouldn’t want to order toilet paper and other essentials while lounging in our couches? With the toilet paper shortage (fiasco, really) a few months ago, no one could blame you for avoiding the chaotic crowd

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Things You Might Have Forgotten to Disinfect

It’s been months since the spread of the COVID-19 and the implementation of the quarantine restrictions. We’ve been making a recovery from it. Nonessential shops are reopening. Offices are bustling again with lively workers. More people are enjoying the cool autumn breeze in public parks. By this point, we’re already accustomed to the basics of

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Desk Ergonomics: Taking Care of Your Back and Optimizing Space

There are a lot of jobs that require its employees to have some computer skills. It is a landmark machine that has populated billions of desks spaces around the world. Its versatility allows its users to be productive and handle multiple tasks. Spending more than eight hours of their daily lives can make them accomplish

walking barefoot on wood flooring

Best Flooring Options That Will Increase a Home’s Reselling Value

Renovating your house with the intention to sell is risky. Not all additions you make to the property will result in a significant interest or asking price. In some cases, an addition may even dissuade a potential buyer from making a purchase. Flooring is one feature that can either raise the value of a house

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Maximizing Small Space: Pointers for Designing a Living Room

If you live in a place with limited space, whether it’s an apartment or a small house, good design often takes a backseat to more practical considerations. How does one plan a living room layout that includes all the essentials and still has enough space for other activities? Of course, we could pack the space

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Is Your Home Asthma-Proof?

Asthma is a significant medical mystery since it is a disease with several probable multiple causes and no direct cause. What people do know is that it can cause breathing problems for many people. If you or a member of your family has it, the shortness of breath it can cause can be a worry.

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5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Heating

The arrival of winter brings shorter days, longer nights, and colder temperatures. It also means we have to switch our heating on to keep ourselves warm. But heating isn’t just for comfort. Human bodies aren’t designed to survive cold weather. If we can’t keep ourselves warm enough, our bodies will slowly shut down until we


Celebrities Who Have Been Affected by Wildfires in California

What began as small batches of fires in Los Angeles County have quickly become one of the most catastrophic wildfire events the Golden State has experienced. The wildfires have already caused over 35 casualties, and thousands of houses were destroyed or needed major restoration because of fire damage. Among the 250,000 people affected throughout California

Necessary Materials to Obtain for Home Construction

It’s always been everyone’s dream to have their own home constructed from scratch with their interior design and architecture in mind. However, the notion of building an average-sized home isn’t a simple task. In terms of budgets, the average amount of funds needed to set up your own home is around $313,800 in Australia alone. As

Style and Security: Combining Them Within Your Home

When we think of prioritizing security, we think of something challenging, but it can also lead us to believe that it can’t be stylish. And when we consider aesthetics first, we’re not sure about how elements in your home will hold up when it comes to their function. Thankfully, nowadays, we don’t have to stick

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