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Getting More Sun: Home Improvements to Let the Sun In

Natural light and sunlight have various effects on humans. It is known to increase productivity, give you more energy, and livens up the spirit. Once you start to appreciate how rejuvenating natural light is, you’d make moves to improve your home so you can have more of it inside. If those reasons are still not

dripping faucet

Different Kinds of Water Problems Every Homeowner Faces

Plumbing or ‘water problems’ come in different shapes and sizes, from minor and inexpensive repairs like dripping faucets to complicated sewer system backup issues capable of destroying your property. Remember that prevention is always better than a cure, and you can minimize these issues from happening beforehand. Here are seven of the most common water

white picket fence snow

Which Fence Material and Design are Right for Your Home?

When we think of fences, the classic white picket tends to come to mind first. While that particular style never loses its appeal, it no longer complements most modern homes today. We’ve now got tons of other materials and styles available, from iron to concrete. Your choice of fences will define your abode’s overall curb

staycation with child

Pandemic Staycation Ideas for 2021

The word ‘vacation‘ was like a foreign word last year. We were all curled up in our homes, waiting for this pandemic to end. But as the months pass by, we became aware that this pandemic might last longer than we expected. We must adjust to the new normal and embrace the limited things we

home interior

Improving Privacy and Security Features to Create a Safe Home

Homeowners often prepare design plans that aim to improve their residential property’s appearance. Most of the time, they go for design projects that will enhance their property’s curb appeal. If not, they spend a lot of time working with interior designers to ensure they make the indoors look more stylish and elegant. If you own

DIY tools and materials

Affordable and Clever DIY Home Improvement Projects To Try in 2021

Today, many people opt to perform home improvement projects on their own for various reasons. Some think it’s the best way to save money, while others love the sense of fulfillment it gives them once a project is completed. Due to this trend, more and more stores are now offering DIY home kits, encouraging more

DIY? These Home Projects Need Professionals

DIY projects come with a certain kind of charm. The feeling of having finished a project on your own is empowering and fulfilling. The concept has become so appealing to many that it has turned into a billion-dollar industry. In 2020 alone, Do-It-Yourself sales skyrocketed to almost 300 billion dollars for home centers, including lumberyards and

cleaning gutters

Note These Reminders About Regular House Maintenance

Keep your house in tip-top shape with the passing of the seasons in this handy checklist. Not tending to your house regularly might lead to bigger damage in the long run, so it’s better to regularly do your maintenance. We’ve included some seasonal and annual things to check, so you know what stuff you need

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The Real Cost of Home Ownership

You may think that the financial surprises will stop after you sign the mortgage, but sadly, there are also hidden costs to homeownership that you may not know of until you get the keys to the house. Don’t let these expenses throw you for a loop. Along with every other type of expense, the best

millennial woman working

Real-World Challenges You’ll Face Once Adulthood Sinks In

For most people, adulthood, or more colloquially known as “adulting”, begins after college, or once they started working. We were so excited to reach this phase of our lives as children, thinking that as adults, we’d have our life put together, and we’ll just be super awesome. But alas, adulthood turns out to be one

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