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Three Reasons Summer Is the Perfect Time to Relocate

For most people, summer is the perfect season of fun and relaxation. Families take advantage of the warm weather by spending more time outdoors or traveling to the beach or abroad for that much-needed vacation. But apart from all the fun, summer is also a busy season for moving. When the housing market is booming, homeowners

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An Energizing Home Environment: Making Your House Comfortable

What do you want your home to feel like? Do you want it to be a relaxing and comfortable place, or maybe somewhere where you can entertain guests without worrying about the stress of it not looking welcoming enough? The answer to these questions will help determine what type of improvements need to be made


Being a Part of the World’s One Percent: Who Are They?

CNBC mentions that to be part of the world’s one percent, 871,320-dollar net worth is needed. Worth or wealth is the summation of a person’s assets, including financial and real assets, without debts. Globally, 19 million US citizens are part of the one percent. China, on the other hand, has over 4.2 million citizens belonging to the

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Homecourt Advantage: Having a Basketball Court in Your Backyard

For decades, we as a society have admired watching and playing sports. One of the most popular sports in the United States is basketball. The NBA, arguably the biggest basketball league in the country (and possibly the world), had around 11 million television viewers in its 2021 finals games. This is a statement of how

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Simple Ways to Maintain Your Home

Home depreciation is a common but unavoidable problem for many homeowners. It can be tough to sell or live in a home that has depreciated throughout the years. In this article, we will discuss simple ways you can maintain your new home. We’re all scared of a time when our home has depreciated fully, and

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Best Practices for Preparing Your Home for Winter

Winter might be months away, but you can start preparing your home for it. Preparing for the cold season is essential since it allows you to save money while keeping your home toasty and nice. You can address issues with the cold weather by ensuring the warm air stays inside the house while keeping the

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So You’re Finally Vaccinated, But What’s Next On Your List?

What seemed like a lifetime of waiting for the global pandemic to end is finally reaching an important pivot point as Covid-19 vaccination efforts continue to operate at full capacity, and as more people get their second shot and finish the 2-week gestation period; things are looking bright. Of course, there’s no denying that we

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Top Reasons Home Improvement Projects are Worth the Investment

Homeowners invest in home improvement projects for many reasons. Home improvements can increase the value of your property, make your home more comfortable, and improve its aesthetic appearance. Home improvements also give you a sense of accomplishment by giving you something to show for all your hard work. Home improvement projects are worth investing in

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Identifying and Eliminating Nests of Insects and Pests

Most homes are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. This is why many engineers and architects will usually design living spaces with temperature control in mind while withstanding different types of weather conditions. However, that doesn’t mean that homes are “immune” from pests. Although many types of pests are just a mild annoyance, many

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3 Projects to Prove That Summer is the Best Time to Renovate

There are always two sides to the same thing. For instance, while someone may jump for joy on the opening of in-person classes in the country these days, other parents find such a move too drastic with the delta variant of the virus rampant in many parts of America. California, of course, tops that list

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