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Taking Care of Plants as Every Home’s Crowning Glory

A way of beautifying your home is by upgrading your landscaping. What’s the best way to do that but through planting? For one, they’re not as costly as redoing the exterior of your home. Second, plants offer a variety of perks, from ornamental to medicinal. Even the act of gardening offers mental health benefits. It wouldn’t

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Designing Your Home for Homeschooled Kids

The COVID-19 pandemic has been heartbreaking for a number of reasons, most especially because it put children out of school. But now that schools are reopening, it has become apparent to some parents that homeschooling might actually be the best choice for their kids. Virtual learning can be advantageous, as parents have more control over

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How Gardens at Home Can Make the Environment Better

That gardens enhance curb appeal and increase the property’s value is repeated so many times it already sounds like a cliché. But they can do so much more than elevate the aesthetics of the space. From making children healthier to improving the quality of water, gardens are sustainable options in many ways. Here’s what recent

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Home Design Ideas to Remember Before Building Your First Home

The home design leaves a lot to the imagination. However, purely imagining how you would design your home isn’t exactly the best decision to make. There are a lot of factors to consider and a lot of concepts to keep in mind. Below are some essential aspects of home design that should not be neglected.


Six Practical Tips to Help Your Home Survive the Summer Heat

Summer can be a harsh thing for your home, especially for its exterior. It can pose heat damage to your roof, dry out your wood furniture and décor, cause cracks to your hardwood floors, and of course, make indoors very uncomfortable. So, whether you’re planning to stay at home with your family for the summer

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How to Finance Your Future Home Renovations

There are a few ways you can go about financing your future: using your savings, your investments, or both. Whichever you choose, you need to have a plan. If you’re currently paying off a mortgage or planning on buying a home, it’s not unlikely for you to have renovations later on. Houses can degrade over

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Adieu, Minimalism: Maximalism Is 2021’s Interior Design Darling

Minimalism had a good run, gracing the homes of many a celebrity, including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Belgian monastery-inspired futuristic home. However, people are starting to veer away from their handleless cabinets and blank walls. The new trend in 2021—and for many years after—according to top interior designers, is maximalism. It’s not a surprise

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Moving with Ease: Things to Consider and Remember

In a perfect world, everyone would live without the need to move from one location to another. Sadly, we live in an imperfect world, and moving for various reasons is inevitable at one time or another. The moving process is stressful and cumbersome, often full of minute details. The process is even more complicated when

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Family House: How to Find Your Forever Home

Buying a house can be your family’s most significant and largest investment. Right off the bat, this journey will cost you money and a lot of time and attention. To make sure your efforts are not in vain, you have to be familiar with a few things you will encounter on this journey. Here, we

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House Hunting When Moving to an Area With a Hot Climate

Moving from a place with a cold climate to a place where it tends to be hot most of the year is a big change—not just for your body, but for your lifestyle as well. First and foremost, you’re probably going to have a challenging time adjusting to the new temperature for the first few

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