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Home-Hunting Remorse Triggers to Avoid When Buying a Home

Perhaps the most exciting part of buying a house is house-hunting itself. Browsing properties for sale and setting up an appointment to check the homes in person are the things many sellers can’t wait to tackle. But then, many fall victim to countless home-hunting mistakes. You surely want to make the most out of your home buying experience.

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Tricks that Can Help You Save Money for Your Dream House

Who does not want to own a home, right? May it be an Upper East Side apartment, a contemporary penthouse in the city, or a beautiful cottage in the woods. Regardless of what type of house you have on your vision board, understand that this purchase can potentially be the most expensive and important one

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Property Investment: Should You Buy a Home during the Pandemic?

With the uncertainty in the market right now, people take a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to their investments. Even though the federal government continues to release the vaccine, new variants have emerged. So, it may take some time before everything goes back to normal. Despite this, people have also started to buy homes due to low

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House Hunting: Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?

Timing is everything. A concrete example of that is Jeff Bezos, long hailed the richest billionaire in America. Technically proficient (he, in fact, graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University in 1986), Bezos would become the youngest Senior Vice President of Banker’s Trust Company from 1990 to 1994, leading the way for the most sophisticated

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Financial Readiness: How It Affects Buying or Building a House

Most of us have been putting our dreams on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have already planned to move to a new house but decided to stay put in the meantime. Of course, you have more important needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, and so on. Along with that, a lot of

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Managing Stress While House Hunting

Back in 2018, conducted a survey about how Americans feel about house hunting. The results of their survey show that two out of five homebuyers found that house hunting is the most stressful activity they’ve done. Apart from them, 44 percent said that they were riddled with anxiety and even panic while house hunting. Thirty-three

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The Real Estate Market Status during the Pandemic: How are Things Looking?

This has been one of the real estate industry’s longest-held maxims. But we’re in a pandemic that started last spring. How is it still a thing today? Won’t the pandemic’s effects from last year change the way the property market works this year? For the longest time, those in the real estate industry believe that

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Searching for a House amid the COVID-19 Crisis

House Hunting Amidst COVID-19 While the pandemic has hit many industries around the world, one of the most badly hit industries is real estate. Alongside many small businesses closing down, most landlords are having a difficult time replacing longtime renters. The total current home sales plummeted in 2020 — almost rivaling the housing dive of the

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More Than A Room With A View: What People Really Look For in a House

Buying a house is one of the many life accomplishments that tops nearly most people’s bucket list. Whether you prefer a modern loft or a cozy country bungalow, most individuals would hope to find a home that ‘feels’ like it was made for them and their families. But looking for your ‘dream home’ includes deciding

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How to Inspect Your House Before Selling It

We all have our reasons why we want to sell our house. No matter what that reason is, we must know how to attract more potential buyers to increase our chances of closing a deal. If you don’t have the funds for home improvement and beautification, merely inspecting it and repairing damages is essential. A

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